with over 30 years experience designing and crafting

finely finished, bespoke furniture, genie phi thrives on

creating pieces of art that push the boundaries

of tradition to produce an aesthetic that combines

function and form, using new, reclaimed and recycled

materials of only the finest quality, fitting with

personal taste for the environment they were deigned for.

feel free to browse our collections.

in situ


design skills and knowledge of
compound joinery delivers a
diverse range of multi use
household furniture.
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pristine lathing techniques
and choice of either whole
piece or multi layered
hardwood combinations,
enable the turning of beautiful
ornamental objects, to
establish an organic ambience
in your home environment.
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in situ

whether you require a custom
bed frame, a bespoke alcove
shelving unit, or a fitted
hardwood kitchen surface,
a range of install services
can accommodate your
specific requirements.
see the collection here.

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